About My Fashion House

When Ros and Joss joined forces to create My Fashion House – a Gold Coast based, on-line boutique with unrivalled customer care – they knew their products had to demonstrate 3 essential factors:

1.  Quality fabric: The fabric of the garment – whether it be silk, cotton, linen or jersey – had to be of the upmost quality to ensure a high level of comfort and timeless style.

2.  Colour: All women love colour and when the colour of a garment is matched to our complexion and personality it enables us to stand out from a crowd and exude confidence. Ros and Joss have sought out a range of striking colourful garments together with bold black and white pieces.

3. Style:  The third – which for most women is most crucial – is the style of the garment. Each garment will have a different look on each individual woman so it is important to have a variety of quality garments which have the ability to accentuate features and cover flaws. 

With this as their foundation, Ros and Joss aim to create the ultimate fashion experience for you from the comfort of your own home.

They have combined their skills to make a partnership centred on styling expertise and exceptional buying aptitude together with unrivalled customer care.  So put to use their combined wealth of over 20 years past experience within the fashion industry – including managing their own successful businesses and working for several of Australia’s top designers including Carla Zampatti, Charlie Brown, and Anthea Crawford – by requesting personal styling tips to find the garment perfect for you.

These ladies have an eye for fashion and share a passion that EVERY woman deserves to look and most importantly feel her best.  With this in mind they have sought the best of the best in quality fabric, colour and style to deliver to you timeless pieces that you fall in love with.  All this from the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price you will expect to pay in leading boutiques.

So here it is – sit back and be transported to a new and exciting world of fashion from the comfort of your own home: MyFashionHouse.com.au
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